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This is a scam setup total bullshit company have file a compliant with the BBB

                                   DO NOT USE SMARTPAY

Do not lease a contract with this outfit, I setup a monthly lease with this so called company. Started with straight talk's website, I was wanting to teach my granddaughter financial responsibility, so I  did the lease with smartpay the phone AND monthly service plan from straight talk as a bundle deal in the lease, We get the phone and tried to activate it, straight talk requested a 15 digit pin, well guess what,

straight talk told me I needed to get in contact with smartpay, so I did and they told me I would need to purchase another service fee from straight talk, That's bull crap, so I ask for refund for the phone and got the run around, repeated drop calls on their end, so please people choose another route. DO NOT USE SMART PAY and straight talk is crazy for using this company

                                 DO NOT USE SMARTPAY

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