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Late payments

How late can you make a lease payment before your service is blocked?

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My payment won’t be on schedule date is there anyway to get extra time to pay this I’ve never been late making my payments until now because of covid-19
As I am currently finding out the hard way, they block your service immediately, and will not turn it back on until you pay them.
i sent them an email if they do not respond in the next 72 hours ima get an attorney i dont even care anymore i was in bed with covid 19 and i been out for the last 3 weeks and i sent them a request for an extension and they never responded and still charged me 50 dollars out of my bank account when i dont have no cash in there so im a phone call away into getting these guys into a court room
Is it possible to have my payment due date set for the 3rd of every month? That is the day I get paid and if my 30 days come up before that I get blocked off my phone. And its only because funds aren't available until the 3rd of every month. And as soon as the funds are available, the bill is paid immediately.
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