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End my lease

I don't like the lease nor phone. . I want to returned it

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I keep receiving messages telling me that I have a few days before my approval expires I would be happy to buy a new phone but the phone I want is out of stock and my other choices are over my approval amount I am willing to pay the difference of what the device I want and use my approval amount to purchase the device or I am willing to wait until the device I want is available I don’t want to have to pay 2 years for a phone I don’t want

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How do I end my lease,I'm not using the phone anymore

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How do get my balance?
How do I get y'all to cease and desist your fucking me over every chance you get. Need response asap as my poor battered asshole can't take much more of your shit.

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Want to end my lease? Any idea how?
How do I exchange my phone,i cant use the service through Verizon does not pick up in my area
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