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Can not get anyone to respond to my email or get someone on the pho e

This company is a joke I've been trying for a week to get somebody to speak to so I can get an extension on my payment because I'm out of work due to coronavirus. Not only did I not getting a response or an answer on the telephone but they tried to pull the payment from my bank account that has no money and now I have overdraft fees so now that that just keeps piling up because of this coronavirus and you think that this company would understand what's going on and get some type of relief

I completely agree...I have been trying for about a week too...I have 90 day window to pay off this phone and I can’t even do it because no one will answer to help with my specific payment plan
I totally agree. I’ve been trying to get an email back or be able to get through on the lines for two weeks to no avail. The phone lines only allow you to wait 17 minutes so it’s literally impossible to actually wait for someone.
Yes! My payment was a day late and I paid it early morning on Saturday. They sent me relentless emails until I made the payment and now that its paid I can't get anyone to get back to me about not being reinstated service. I have sent them 3 emails now (its monday night) and still nothing. Without service I can't call them. Can't go to a public place to call them. What the hell?! Over it. Bout to just say screw them and go somewhere else.
Hello I'm trying to also get an extension due to COVID . They tried to take payment and I have no money due to no work over virus . I'm waiting on unemployment. Thank you Margaret George
They are a scam
I too am having the same issue. I have emailed and called. If they try payment tomorrow over draft fee will happen and I have no income because of virus

 There is no one at the desk... it is mostly automated. Just like straight talk. It is why the prices are so low and they can offer nice phones to people with bad credit.

If you used a bank debit card just cancel the card and get a new one I think that would stop them from taking money or trying to.
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