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Changing phone plan but not service

I am leasing an IphoneXR and have a service plan through with Straight talk wireless. I am wanting to change my monthly service plan. How do I do that since it’s on autopay through smartpay while paying off my phone.
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was able to get them to remove the autopay for service for my but I had to do it over the phone and specifically ask for it. So you should be able to as well. In my case they tried to charge me for my service plan 3 days before it was due. When I called to tell them there was a mistake and my service wasnt up yet they told me that since Im on autopay they start to do it 3 days ahead so there is no lapse in service. I explained to her I always paid my service plan seperately getting a card at Walmart and not through my card. She told me she COULD take me off the autopay option but that if my phone went without service more than a couple days(cant recall exactly) they would attempt again per lease. My point is that they make you think you MUST allow them to process autopay for service per your lease....and thats not the case. If i hadnt called to see why they were trying to refill me when I hadnt yet run out then I never wouldve known! And let me add that each time they attempted the autopay it charged me bank fees. 3 times in one day! So everyone should be calling them and saying they will take care of service payment themselves and remove that autopay permission...seriously

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