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Can i make my monthly payment early

I want to know if I can make My monthly payment early. I don't want to pay the whole lease off. I just want to pay my monthly early. I have the money now. I like to pay it now. Come time. The actual due date I may not have the money.

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Any answer on this? I want to do the same thing right now!

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I paid 2 payments and they show I made the payment for 2 months but they have cut my phone off for non payment
I sure do wish that I had read over these reviews before I ordered this. I want to change my primary method and it won't allow me to do so.
It's pretty much a RIP off unless you do 90 days same as cash..I paid mine in 90 days, I hadn't read all detail and sales person didnt give info they should have. If I had made payments of 76.09 throught the monthly term..450.00 would have been 860.and some change at end of term...dont do it, or payoff early if you can!!

hi i need to delete the 1065 one credit card and put a new one on. and where is the direct customer service number i need to see i have bought a new phone recently  they said there paying for months fee but not sure how much

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