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Can't get in contact with anyone

I've been trying for TWO MONTHS to get someone, anyone, to answer me via phone, email, and customer support chat. The phone lines only allow me to hold for 17 minutes which is bizarre in itself considering I've never had a company limit wait times, but also makes it impossible to get through to a customer service agent. Like how am I supposed to contact anyone when I'm sure the wait times are over an hour, and I can only hold for 17 minutes? Makes zero sense. At this point, I'd wait three hours on the phone just so I could speak to someone. I wish I would've researched about this company more before jumping the gun & transferring a very important phone number to a service plan provided by Total Wireless &  "Smart Pay". They have, for some unknown reason, deactivated my account. While I'm still having payments deducted from my bank I still can't make a phone call, send texts, receive texts, nothing! Total wireless informed me that they have deactivated my account. I currently have a $700 paperweight sitting on my desk. I have gotten a response via email twice, but of course not to help me with my issue. The emails stated that for assistance I needed to contact the customer support line. Probably some automated response bullshit. Why is it that it's so complicated to tell me what the hell is wrong with my account?  I NEED MY PHONE BACK!!!!!!! If you're considering using Smart Pay just don't. Like seriously.

 that is because there is a software program that deactivates your phone if you don't pay them

I'm experiencing an issue in which it says my service is due for Straight Talk, But yet I can't pay the montly payment through Smart Pay early! Lmao, So I'm without service,

im having same issue, except ive been paying my service via auto pay not realizing i was paying through smart pay as well so ive been double paying, now service is off and it wont come back on

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