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What can I expect if I let my lease go unpaid?

So I fell on hard times and was no longer able to pay my outrageously large lease payment...I couldnt even afford the service plan! I am now 3 months overdue and they have sent me an email stating final attempt before collections, unable to refill service while overdue, etc. I knew all that would happen but my question is this: My service is with straighttalk and I pay them myself, not through Smartpay autopay(I had Smartpay remove the autopay after they tried my account 3 days before I was even due to run out!) So would straighttalk(service provider) be legally able to allow me service on this phone still? How exactly does Smartpay BLOCK a phone if they are not a service carrier or provider? Ive got a TMobile SIM in it now that says I am compatible and just need pay for a plan. Can I just restart with a new straighttalk account? Has anyone here actually had their phone blocked or locked or blacklisted by Smartpay?

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How long does it take to reactivate after payment is made
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