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Endless loop of being ass raped by these shady lying fuckers

Pretty sure my payments were fulfilled about 3 or four months ago.according the the original description of the agreement. Now I'm on month 11 of my new 10 month go fuck yourself contract with zero notification of a goddamn thing except when I'm more than half a second past the due date.yall are real good at notifying a motherfucker it's time to bend over and get fucked some more 

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I was approved I've been waiting for three days for my phone I've heard nothing and I got no tracking information or anyting when will I get my phone?

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same thing I have been waiting 6 days and they keep telling me to call back tomorrow.

Supposedly get approved for 500.00but yet can't order a phone!

I am having the same problem. My lease was up two months ago and they are still charging my credit card. They gave me a bogus email address to report my dispute. Then when I called back they told me their dispute department was an email based department and it would take 72 hours for them to get back to me. I will probably have to file with my bank and get a new credit card. This company is awful!!

How long does it take the phone to ship, once approved and ordered?

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