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Smartpay lease

How can I apply

Hi , Jose Molina

Thank you for contacting us. You can apply for SmartPay online or at a store.

Before you begin, make sure you are **eligible**:

   • 18+ years old

   • Monthly income of $1000 before taxes and deductions

   • Social Security number (SSN)

   • Email address

   • Checking account with a debit card*

*We do not accept prepaid debit, benefit, payroll, direct deposit, or business debit cards for the **initial payment**. The checking account and debit card must be in your name. All personal information used in the application must belong to you.

**To apply for SmartPay online:**

Get **pre-approved** for SmartPay online:

   • Go to and click “Apply Now”

   • Fill out application

   • If approved, your SmartPay offer will appear on the screen, along with a link that will direct you to a partner site to complete the checkout process. 

**You can also apply for SmartPay through one of our **online** partners at

**To apply for SmartPay at a store:**

   • Find a participating SmartPay store near you at

   • Click the checkbox next to “Locations near me.”

   • We find participating stores near you and show them on the map.

   • Visit a participating SmartPay store.

     - Complete an application for an eligible phone on the in-store computer. 

     - Get an instant decision. 

     - If approved, the clerk will complete your application, process your payment, and finish   


If you have more questions, contact us at, or call (800) 374-5587. 


Customer Support Team

How do I find out what my remaining balance is
Eggplant brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 goes between 343 and $600. This company is the biggest scam I've seen in a long time and I'm going to file several complaints first and foremost I'm not hitting the phone back in I'm going to keep the phone and let them shut it off and I'll eat that that's fine but they're not getting this phone back I've been paying $54 a month for past three months and I still have 15 payments left. How in the f is that possible how in the F could I be so stupid. Every month a new thing in my card not this time you can drop a service that I have a different phone all this activate. I can't believe these corporate companies had just sell absolutely gutless heartless spineless individuals. By the way don't ever use straight talk oh my God between this company and then it's like watching Stevie Wonder lead Ray Charles through a motorcycle race
Hahaha find a participating store near you good luck with that one I think there's only two in the whole country and one is in Antarctica. I don't know how they allow some of these phone companies to go on it's just it's just beyond basic General common sense. Amazed amazed
I just got a Samsung Galaxy S9 from Smartpay with Straight talk. I haven't ran into any problems yet. Except I'm paying $84 a month for the phone and $50 a month for the service plan
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