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Stuck in a scam

This is a bunch of shit with boost mobile phones and they don't want to replace my shit after a defective battery

That right payments is more n now the phone is 1/2 the price

 I'm having a big issue with this company since last year  2019 for about 4 months you guys kept on charging my card for a bill phone that another person used to pay and when I went to the phone company they said that the issue was with you guys. I called multiple times for this issue and still nothing

also in December, I leased the iPhone 11 with a $600+ downpayment my contract was ($55 for 2 months) and I'm still getting charged and not until today that I'm seeing that I'm paying for the iPhone 11 pro.

I need assistance I tried to call but nobody picks up my calls. Is it something that needs to take care of in court or what should I do to get this issue resolved?

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