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I did a lease through these idiots for an iPhone 6 plus and received the phone and had trouble with either the phone or Straight talk and I boxed the phone up and not even 24 hrs tried contacting somebody to send the phone back. All three companies involved with this process were Straight talk, Quality One Wireless, and Smart Pay, and I contacted each of them several times trying to return this phone and get a full refund and I got a dirty run around each time by these companies saying I needed to contact a different company involved to get my refund. Well Smart Pay apparently was the company I needed to contact for the refund and return and once I finally got a hold of them they told me they could not assist me right now due to the holidays being so busy and said they would get back with me asap. I checked the same email again about a week later and they said thank you for being patient we are still assisting other customers at this time. So I waited about another week and then received another email from Smart Pay stating that I needed to address urgent attention to my lease because they tried to charge another monthly payment to my card and it wouldn't go through. Yea, it wouldn't go through because I didn't put the money in there to cover it because this issue should've already been resolved and since I have already contacted them of the issue I really didn't think they would charge me again...boy was I wrong. So when I called and chatted with them today they told me since the phone wasn't returned within 7 days of receiving it that my initial payment was considered lost and they couldn't give me a refund. What I want to know is what company loses info about a payment made but they don't lose any of your other info like name, phone number, birthday, etc?...a BOGUS one!!!! This company also tried to charge me for the monthly payment that didn't go through just recently and I told them they are out of their mind and since they lost my payment then I lost theirs and they would absolutely not, under any circumstance, receive another dime from me. This company is a load of crap and I will not recommend them to anyone.

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I paid $62.95 on Dec 11th to walk out the door,on the morning of Dec13th another $62.95 was deducted from my bank account.Every since going through this company,My bank account has been hacked,today again by Spectrum.郎Never again will I go through Boost mobile nor Smartpay.CROOKERY.

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Better Business Bureau needs to know what's going on. Start a claim there.
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