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Are you all offering any relief to the people affected by the quarantine by Coronavirus

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Do I got to make a payment anyways

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I have been trying to reach someone with no luck for a week. I am out of work due to coronavirus and not 1 person could respond to my emails can't get through on the phone not the instant message. I need some kind of extension. Smart pay attempted to take payment and it was not available because I'm out of work with no money waiting on stimulus and or unemployment. I think it's pretty sh...y that I can not get someone and now I have an over draft fee. This company is a joke and should be ashamed to do this to people in this time obviously if we had the money to buy out right we wouldn't need this. Not to mention I spoke to someone a week and a half ago and they told me I had to call back, so they are aware of the situation.

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I also have this problem
I’m soon to also have an over draft fee due to no one answering the phone lines. I’m thinking of just returning the phone.

my salon was shut down also because of this virus! please,,,,help us!!!!

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Can someone please respond to my email!!! And everyone else needing to be contacted. Iv been trying for 2 weeks and ongoing and no response! Great customer service you guys are!!!!

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