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I only had $50 left on my phone and they charged me a full payment of $92.18 so i called them telling them i only had $50 left to pay it off and they said its out of their hands. Bunch of fucking pukes and lying theives. Be careful new users because these douche bags will fuck you.

Double charged and other companies stealing from my bank account,since getting involved with them.Class action lawsuit needs to be started.

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They just took 2 payments from me also
I am owed over 200.00 and cant get anyone to return my calls or my emails or can I ever get through to a customer rep except to Phillipines and they have no clue. I WANT ANSWERS AND MY MONEY
I just want to bring something to everyones attenion, who are claiming they were double charged. They take the leasement and then they charge you again for your monthly service. It clearly says it several in your lease terms and conditions. So no they don't double charge.
I am seeing more and more comments of others having their service payments taken out twice also. Why cant we talk to humans and Americans we can understand?? Why did I get told 183.00 overpayment was taken and Smartpay does not give refunds it would have to be given back through Sraight Talk. Why was I given another telephone number when I carried my own number over?? Why is that new phone # the one Smartpay is taking monthly for my phone service?? Dont tell me i cant stop you!! When i get to talk to someone you will NEVER forget you spoke with me.

same here!  I paid metro pcs $600 for an iPhone 11 in December 2019 which means that I had two months left to pay in full..we are in May and I'm still getting charged $ 55 + an additional $27 and they won't give me my money back I think its time to get a lawyer 

 (this is my 2nd time ) I had the same problem in 2018 

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