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Reactivate Service

I made my payment late for my phone. My plan is still good until 01/07/2020. After I made the payment, my phone is still saying it's disconnected. Smart pay has their money and Straight Talk has their money. Why don't I have service still?? Anyone experience this same problem.

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I am having the same problem as well and I need the phone on to get a call back for interviews. Very inhappy considering it said I’d lose service today and cut it yesterday anyway

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Yes I have paid for my last 2 months of service and I bought a service plan for total wireless ( same prepaid company I've been with for over a year) they won't let me activate it, between total wireless and smart pay they kept redirecting me back and forth. I bought the $35 dollar plan and they say I cant activate it that I have to get the $ 50 dollar plan . In the meantime on my account ( app) it says the plan is added to my account but no it's not ( it shows it in writing )on one of the pages but my phone is still no service. sucks

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Did anyone get a solution to this problem?

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Horrible customer service. I made my service plan payment to you and my service was disconnected. This should not happen.

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I have the same issue.. Simple pay claims to have lifted block they had on my phone and transferred me to Simple Mobile.. I have been with them for 2 hours and they still can't help me.. I have phone service but without internet services.

I escalated case to Supervisor from Simple Mobile, and im still on hold.

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I have the same problem it's a nightmare trying to get help

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I had an issue with this when I first got everything set up with smart pay and total wireless. That first months payment came and it wouldn’t take my payment and I couldn’t figure out why. My phone ended up getting turned off even though my service plan with total wireless wasn’t up and I was confused to say the least. I called smart pays customer service line, spoke to an actual human being so I was pretty happy about that haha, the lady told me they couldn’t accept prepaid debit cards as online payment but they could over the phone it might just take a couple days to go through. Luckily the prepaid card was just my pay card for work so I went a deposited the money into my bank and paid smart pay that day. I figured my service would be reactivated because I made that payment. It wasn’t. I contacted smart pay again and the lady I spoke too said that they have nothing to do with service plans. They can not give you the service back on the phone the only reason it gets shut off is because smart pay will cut the line if it’s not paid therefore the actual service plan from the phone company deactivates because it has nothing to be active too. The lady told me to call total wireless and they will be able to do it. When I called total wireless they had to go into my account and reactivate the service on my phone. The dude I spoke too was rude about it at first saying that I needed to pay smart pay when I told him I had already he then said well you have to refill your service plan then because the next payment due is in a week and I told him no it says on my account that I have until whatever day to get a new one so activate my phone now please and he kept saying he couldn’t do it. I asked for a supervisor and within literally like 2 minutes of us speaking I have service back on my phone. Make sure your actual phone service provider is the one reactivating your phone. And make sure that the representative you speak with isn’t just being a jerk and not wanting to do his/her job. I haven’t had an issue since then. Hope it’s not too long and i can be somewhat helpful

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Same freaking problem can't get any help worst curse customer service ever

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they so noting but lie
its not smart pay its stuipid dumb liar pay.Thr wherls on bus go round and round pay
How late does your lease payment have to be before they block your phones service?
My payment was only 2 days late!! In the email it stated I had until today to pay it. I had to borrow the money because of this pandemic everyone is having a hard time. Went to the bank had to deposit the money and when I got home realized my service was off!!!

It is an endless loop when you slip on a payment. I went almost 3weeks without services because smartpay nor total wireless could fix the issue. They continued to tell me they had escalated my case but each time they would re-escalate and then say wait 48hrs. I finally had to break down and contact someone higher up and it was resolved in an email because everyone was skipping over the problem.

Same issue both phone bill and service bill have been paid and still no service on the phone and can't contact anyone..
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