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Smart Pay won't take my card

My debit card has plenty of funds but keeps getting denied. How am I supposed to pay when my only card is being denied for no reason?

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I have found but not taking payment.
Can’t update my debit card so can’t make the payment.
Can't make payment with new card which has funds
Pos company they are doing it so we have to pay more fuck them!!! I'm pissed i have to have my phone for work and they want to pull this shit
I've a brand new debit card, which has plenty of funds and works quite well as I have most of my Christmas shopping done now. My brand new card has been consistently getting declined since I received it. Now I am apparently overdue and will lose service two days from this post if I cannot get my card accepted.

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Ya mine is the the same and i have thousands in my bank account it's bullshit and they wont do anything to fix it they are a sorry ass company
Mine finally went through. I really hope this issue doesn't happen again next month.
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