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Total fucking BS company

So I had a monthly lease payment of $60.91. the first payment was due last Friday June 19th 2020. The payment was taken out of my bank account and reflecting on all of my statements from my bank. Of course SmartPay insisted it was never paid. Somehow after a couple of days the money got put back into my bank accounts so I proceeded to try to make another payments of $60.91 this payments was taking out of my account again and reflects on all of my statements again and does not show as a pending payment on my account it shows as a posted transaction. I even called my bank and they told me that the payment is listed as a completed posted transaction not in pending status or anything. SmartPay and they're completely incompetent call center as well as their ridiculous excuse for a support email group told me they have still not received my payment this has forced me to withdraw all of my money from my bank accounts as well as call my bank and have my debit card cancelled and a new one shipped to me so these assholes can not hit my bank account again without my permission. I have called SmartPay multiple times I have offered to send bank statements proving my payment has gone through I was put on hold by of course a lady with an accent from a country I could barely pronounce and told that she was going to check with her support team. I waited on that phone call for 43 minutes and while I was on hold she never came back on the phone to tell me anything I proceeded to ask if she was even still there and I got no response at all so after 43 minutes they one I gave up and I hung up this company is awful I appreciated the fact that they gave somebody who has crap credit like me a chance to build my credit however they have nots acted in good faith on their end in any way whatsoever my advice and my hope is that somebody read this before they attempt to sign up with this company I have filed an official complaint with the better business bureau however this company is not a BBB accredited company so any complaints filed with the BBB will just be strictly ignored by the incompetence of SmartPay. The pictures below show proof of the payment being taken out of my bank accounts on the 25th and the other picture shows today's date of June 26th and SmartPay still showing no payment has been made
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