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Why can’t I add a service plan to my phone myself?

For some reason upon learning that I transferred my number I also learned that smartpay must be the one to add a service plan to my phone. I purchased a total wireless service plan, that’s the company I went through for smartpay, and attempted to add it to my phone number. They informed me that they couldn’t, it had to be smart pay. I desperately desperately need a text message from that number, and I can’t receive it because the phone lines are full and the chats don’t get answered. I’ve been trying for two weeks to get someone to email me back, answer the phone, or chat. You can only hold on the phone lines for approx. 17 minutes so you cannot actually take the time to wait for someone to answer.

.Did you get this resolved? I am having the same problem.

SmartPay charged me for the actual phone installment payment 

but they failed to charge me for the service plan and now my 

phone has been shut off. SmartPay is giving me the run-a-round

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I noticed that my service wasn’t included in the payment. I’ve been watching but now you have had issues I’m calling them to prepare

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My service ends today and I would like to purchase a refill card from SmartPay and put it on my Straight Talk phone I leased through SmartPay could someone please tell me what to do
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