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Hand set protection/ customer service

I have a smart pay lease on a s7 which was damaged 5 mo. Ago and unuseable i have contacted smart pay every week for 5 mo .im either told they dont hsve a phone available to replace it to call back or they say it was escilated it will be taken care of in 48 hrs . Still no phone but the sure stop my service if i dont pay lease payment on a unusable phone that they wont take care of. Worse customer service and company is a joke.......stay away from trap....

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Still no new hone now this joke of insurance wants a $80.00 service fee and i mail them my phone and i will get a replacement in 7-14 days. What are peoplewho need there phonea suppose to do for 2 weeks without a phone and why should i pay a 80.00 service fee when i have been trying for 7 months to get service from these clowns. But smarr pay has got every payment for those 7 mo
Wellnots almost january and still no replacement phone. My contract agreement states 39.00 for fee and that i mail my phone in after recieving new phone with box it came in. Clearly someone needa to learn the contracts before demanding 80.00 and i mail my phone in before you will send ma a replacement.
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