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No credit check

In the information to receive a device. It states “no credit check” but there is a credit check. That’s false advertisement. Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.

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They made the screenshot of the no credit check small and blurry. I will resubmit it again and I will keep a copy for any legal actions

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It seems like they're making several false statements in order to entice people into entering into a loan contract with them. Early payoff being one. I haven't even checked to see about the credit check but certainly will asap. I'm filing a claim through BBB.
Yeah, I was curious about this myself. I'm working on building my credit and am constantly tracking it. I noticed a strange hard inquiry, it turns out they do pull credit. I wouldn't have applied if I knew this, it says that it goes by your payment history on straight talk and doesn't check credit. I'm going to give them a call, I would have just purchased the phone on my CC had I known this.
It’s bullshit and Ive retained a lawyer about the shit
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